Your personal drinking assistant

Gerolsteiner is one of the best-known German manufacturers and distributors of mineral water products. Their mission: offering their customers digital benefits in addition to their physical products. The „Gerolsteiner DrinkCheck App“ reminds you when and how much you need to drink each day, helps you track your drinking behaviour and motivates you.


  • Development

    The existing TrinkCheck app was to be fundamentally reimagined, redesigned and implemented by apploft. while retaining its intuitive usability.

  • Market environment

    There are already some strong competitors in the water tracking space, so it’s hard to compete in the app stores.

  • Branding

    The design of the app was to fit Gerolsteiner as a brand without appearing cluttered.


Initially, the app was to be implemented for the iOS and Android platforms. A short time later, a WatchOS app was also developed to make it even easier for users to manage their drinking habits.

The app calculates the individual daily requirement based on health and fitness data.


Push notifications remind users to drink and motivate them to reach their personal goal. With the Apple Watch, the current drinking level can be viewed at any time.

Adding drinks

Users can choose from over 12 drink categories. Frequently added drinks can also be conveniently selected from the home screen or on the Apple Watch.


The app calculates the individual daily requirement based on health and fitness data. Gender, age, weight, and height, as well as daily data such as weather, steps, and activities, influence the drinking target. The exact calculation and its medical correctness were ensured in close coordination with the Cologne Sports University as well as networking with corresponding interfaces such as Apple Health.