Initial situation

With more than 35 million active readers per month, Seven.One Entertainment Group’s Teletext has enjoyed great popularity for almost 40 years. The idea was to bring the already established product on a well-known medium like TV as a holistic service for mobile platforms to the next level.


  • Digitization

    The teletext offer should be brought from the TV set to the smartphone without changing the format of the content.

  • Content quantity

    More than 2500 pages of information distributed over 7 channels were to be displayed compactly, clearly and legibly on the smartphone screens.

  • Usability

    The focus was on an intuitive and usability of the app with a simple, performant UI that should pick up the mental model of the users.


Simple channel selection

The teletext of the respective TV channels can be selected and changed via a clear menu. In addition to ProSieben, SAT.1, Kabel Eins and sixx, the teletext of the channels SAT.1 GOLD, Kabel Eins Doku and ProSieben MAXX are also represented in the app.

Effective navigation

The familiar numeric keypad makes navigating within the app simple, effective and intuitive. By entering various combinations of numbers, users can access the desired teletext page. Shortcuts such as program, sports or news allow users to quickly jump to certain main sites.

Hello user

After opening the app for the first time, the small, friendly robot „Texxti“ welcomes users and briefly guides them through the app’s functions. The Onboarding serves to convey a positive first impression of the app and to increase user engagement in the long term.